Ahad, Ogos 14, 2016

To you. thank you!

To You,
who always by my side,
nearer than my carotid artery and jugular vein,
who always give help when it is needed,
in unexpected and unknown timing.
who always keep me in blessing and healthiness since my lifetime in mom's womb. 

who always loves me in any condition I am.
who always keep make me repent on what I did wrong. 

thank you although I know my thanks is just a little appreciation.
thank you My Lord

To you,
who always give me strength,
whenever I need it.
who always be beside me,
who had prepared everything for me since I was a small little baby till a big person now.
who always be patient with my character,
either good or bad character.
you always have super-high patience in show the path to be a good character.
thank you but I know all thanks given cannot be compared with all of your super duper effort.

thank you mama and baba.

To you,
who had been beside me during my school time,
during my university life,
during my intern life,
during my working life,
thank you friends

To you, 

who had inspire me in love,
in your own way.
thank you for that inspiration,
although we may not be in the same path again.

thank you my first love.

thank you everybody that involved in my awesome life story.
may Allah give us His great blessings until the end of our life, until Akhirah Day, until we enter jannah.



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