Selasa, Mac 07, 2017

some memory of him

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To A,
"Please stop smoking. Please love yourself. I love you."

It's different when the first time I saw you. The first time I know you. I like to see you, to look at you because your face is pure and clean, in fact me as a girl also failed in having a nice face and skin. haha

and then,
In an organisation, in one of the event, we sit face to face during eating time. it is not just we sit face to face but also, you look at me for about 5 minutes. I was shy. hahahaha.

I also joined other organisation where you were involved. I will always wait for your presence during each meeting and any meet up. haha. this is because, looking at your face, I feel relieved,

There was also one time, you asked a professional in emcee to teach us public speaking since I was very bad in that thing. You asked that emcee and specifically looked at me, hahaha. why you should look at me although I know I am not good in public speaking.

when you walk straight then you turn back just to see behind, I'm not sure what you were looking at but it is sure make me feel happy because I can saw your face directly.

at the same program, there was a lecturer asked me question and I answered it happily. then, I accidentally looked at you and YOU WERE SMILING. waaahhh. LOVE!

these are only some of my memories. the rest, I don't know how to write about it. That's it. Sankyuu

may Allah grant you jannah
I don't know why I love you. I'm sorry. 

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