Sabtu, Mei 27, 2017

fly high

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credit to - bandcamp

he looks up,
a flock of bird,
fly high,
reaching up to the sky.

he looks down, 
a colony of ants,
walking straight,
to their nest. 

he looks to his side,
a group of people,
rushing, chasing their dreams.

he is standing there, 
searching the meaning of life. 

he wants to be like bird,
fly high,
searching for his aim.

he wants to be like ant,
into the deepest area,
searching for his dream,

he want to be like others,
rushing and chasing their dream. 

after all,
he realized, 
he need to be himself,
in understanding His Lord planning for him. 

and he whisper to himself,
"wherever You are, I will find you.
cause You are The Lord, I will turn to" 
may Allah bless in this Ramadhan 1438H.

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