Ahad, Ogos 28, 2016

Random : Life

People look for beauty. 
It's life. 
So, just live the life.
Just be yourself.

Make improvement everyday.

When people needs you, they will find you. 

Or else, they eradicate you for awhile. 
Then, they search for you again, if they need you.

When life is empty, you find blank. 

When life is blank, you find a hole. 
Then, that hole makes you lonely. 
Just you with silence surrounding. 

Either you live it or you get up and walk away from there. 

Fill in the blank. 
Have a fresher life for brighter surrounding. 

That is life, in my eyes. 

 Again, people search for perfection. 
Without thinking that perfection is impossible. 
They just search it till the end of life. 
We should live our life in moderate style.
Wasatiyyah (like PM Najib always said. eh.)
Help each other to gain perfection together.
Since this life will be awesome if and only if we help each other.

Just my random thought about this life.

So, live happily and have brand new day with Lord blessing.


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